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Hey y’all! So in case you aren’t subscribed to Shannon’s newsletter (you should subscribe), but in the meantime, there was some important info just released, so I decided to make it easy on you guys and put that info right here:

BTW: Everything below entirely belongs to Shannon I didn’t write any of it it’s just her newsletter copy pasted. 

I can’t believe we’re less than two months away from NIGHTFALL (it’s coming out11/7/17 in case you didn’t know). And in the weeks ahead I’m going to have all kinds of important things to reveal (including how to take advantage of the pre-order giveaway). So keep an eye out for all of that VERY SOON.

But today I have something equally exciting: the NIGHTFALL tour dates! Scroll down to see where I’ll be heading–hopefully it’s near you!

In case you haven’t already seen, this year Barnes & Noble is offering an EXCLUSIVE edition of NIGHTFALL that will have special endpapers featuring one of my illustrations (like the sharpie-doodled books I’ve posted on Instagram in the past) along with a short story written in Keefe’s POV (KEEFE! KEEFE! KEEFE!) and an additional illustration (also drawn by me) based on a scene in the book. I AM SO EXCITED! Pre-order now if you want to get one before they sell out! (the plan is for the editions to be available in stores and online, but they are limited, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t miss out!)

Once again I have gorgeous new art by the incredible Laura Hollingsworth to share with you guys–and I’ve already started revealing it piece by piece on my social media. So if you aren’t following me, you might want to get on that (links are at the bottom of this newsletter). Or, if you don’t have social media, you can still see them on my Instagram main page. All you have to do is click HERE. (and BTW, the picture above only teases part of the awesomeness coming up. You’re going to LOVE it! Especially since it all ties directly into NIGHTFALL–and you’ll understand what I mean by that when you read chapter 71. But I wouldn’t recommend skipping to it when you get your copy because spoilers )


A couple more events are still being confirmed, but since I know so many of you have been asking about the tour, see below for everything that I know so far!

(and if you have any questions about the event, like whether they’ll be doing tickets or wristbands, etc, please contact the store directly. Phone numbers are listed with each event)

Monday, November 6 

(yes, you can get the book a day early!)
7:00 PM
6428 So. McClintock
Tempe, AZ 85283
Tuesday, November 7
Official Launch Party
7:00 PM
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Wednesday, November 8
6:00 PM
12000 SE 82nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97266
Thursday, November 9
7:00 PM
1010 El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
Friday, November 10
6:00 PM
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
Monday, November 13
5:00 PM
3003 W. Cary Road.
Richmond, VA 23221
Tuesday, November 14
6:30 PM
1555 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314
Wednesday, November 15
5:30 PM
634 West Fourth Street #110
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Thursday, November 16
4:00 PM
140 NW Broad Street
Southern Pines, NC 28387
Friday, November 17
7:00 PM
4209-100 Lassiter Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
Friday, December 8
5183 N Montclair Plaza Ln
Montclair, CA 91763


And to cover the questions I always get asked about events:

– As I said above, I will be announcing a couple more events. BUT. The reason I say that is because that there are a few things already in the works that I’m still waiting for confirmation on. So sadly, emailing me begging me to come to your city isn’t going to change anything (especially since my publisher chooses the tour stops, not me). Sorry–if I could teleport, I’d go everywhere I possibly could. But I have yet to manifest that ability!

– I’m still waiting for confirmation on which events are and aren’t doing tickets/wristbands, so as I said above, it’s best to contact the store directly. BUT, I’m pretty sure the Changing Hands event, the Launch Party at the Grove, and Keplers will be doing some sort of ticketing so if those are the events you’re planning on going to, I’d definitely recommend calling the stores. And of course I will update my website once I know anything for sure.

– It’s also best to check with the store to find out their policies about bringing books from home (every store has different rules), but please keep in mind that most stores will require you to buy one of my books in order to get in the signing line. And at events with large crowds I will have to limit the number of books I can hand sign per person (usually somewhere between 1 and 3) but I will have a fancy signature stamp with me that we can put in the others–that way we save my hand from becoming a claw and your books still look super pretty!

– I get asked a lot if I’ll sign things other than books–and it depends on the thing and also on the crowd. In long signing line situations, I might have to decline. And I won’t sign books that other people have written–or body parts. But I’m usually okay with most else. And I’m happy to sign any of art/items from my Society6 store–but you have to bring them with you to the event. Click HERE to see what’s available.

– At events with large crowds, photos may be limited to “candids only.” It will be up to the store once they see the size of the signing line.

– Yes, the Launch Party is at a new location this year, so if you’ve gone in years past, make sure you’re planning to go to the right place. And I have some extra fun surprises in store this year, so if you can make it, I promise you won’t regret it.

– Yes, I will be giving out free swaggish goodies at all of my events!! (Just like in years past, the Changing Hands Event and the Launch Party will both have EXTRA special goodies, but every tour stop will have fun swag that I’ll be giving away to everyone who buys a book, on a first come, first served basis. I always have a lot, so the chance I’ll run out is fairly small. But it does happen so if you’re worried, get there early) I’m still waiting to find out what the items will be–and I promise an update as soon as I know.

– If you can’t come to one of these events–never fear! You can still take advantage of the pre-order giveaway. All the rules and instructions for how that works are still to come, but just know it’s happening and I will update you as soon as I know!

The only things I can tell you about NIGHTFALL:

I’m getting lots of emails begging for details about NIGHTFALL–and most of them I can’t answer. (Sorry! I never give spoilers!) But I can tell you a few small things:

– You asked for a long book–and you’re getting one! NIGHTFALL is, um, 91 chapters. And 800 pages. You are getting a LOT of Sophie & Crew!

– Nightfall is NOT the last book in the series. There will be a book 7! And maybe more…

– Nightfall has a scene that has been in my head for the last seven years. No, I won’t tell you which one (remember–no spoilers!) But I can’t wait for you guys to read and finally know that secret!

Copyright © 2017 Shannon Messenger, Author, All rights reserved.

🌍Lodestar Pre-order Giveaway! 🌍

Hey guys! We are less than three weeks away from the release of Lodestar, (YAY) and so in addition to the contest I will soon be posting on my Instagram @officialswmessengerfanclub , Shannon Messenger has just released the pre order giveaway! Scroll down slightly, and you will see where I have copy pasted all the rules and details for this giveaway from Shannon’s website. Then, there will be a link to Shannon’s website for you to enter! Have fun KOTLC friends! ❤️

It’s time guys.

The post you’ve been waiting for.


Now that we’re three weeks away from the launch of LODESTAR (AHHHH–WHERE DOES TIME GO???), it’s time to make sure you know how to get your free swaggish goodies!

(And warning: as always, this is a epically long post with LOTS of important information, so make sure you read it all carefully so you don’t miss your opportunity)

(Note: if you’re planning on coming to one of my signings, you don’t need to take advantage of this giveaway, since I’ll be giving out the same goodies in the main swag pack at my events. Go HERE to see if I’ll be doing a signing near you)

This giveaway is my way of trying to make up for the fact that it’s impossible for me to tour to every city. If I could figure out a way to teleport, I’d meet each and every one of you in person. But since I can’t, I like to make sure you all at least have a chance to get some of the fun things I give out at signings. So everyone who pre-orders a copy of LODESTAR before the cut-off date (10/31/16) AND fills out the form at the end of this post*, will get this awesome LODESTAR swag pack mailed directly to them:



In case you can’t tell from the picture, you’ll get:
One limited edition “Iggy’s Purple Reign” art print postcard (which are hand signed–you just can’t tell in the picture)
One hand signed KEEPER series bookplate
One Lodestar symbol sticker
One Iggy Sticker
One sheet of character stickers

And yes, EVERYONE who pre-orders the book and fills out the form before the cutoff date will get that!!!!!

And there’s more!

I will also choose twenty-five (25) of you at random and give you this: (yes, that’s in *addition* to the other swag!)

And again, in case you can’t tell, that is:
One 5×7 character art postcard
One Verdi on duty button
You don’t have to do anything special to enter for the extra goodies. I’ll choose the winners randomly from all the people who fill out the form for their swag. So that’s the only requirement: you must fill out the form at the end of this post. Which of course means you also must pre-order a copy of LODESTAR.

And because I like to keep things simple, I don’t require proof of purchase for the giveaway. If you say you pre-ordered LODESTAR, I trust you. But remember, liars have to lick lockers that taste like Iggy breath–meanwhile honest people get to eat big bowls of Starflower stew! 🙂 I also won’t be announcing the winners of the additional goodies. If you win the extra swag, you’ll find out when your prize arrives in the mail.

This giveaway is open internationally. It also doesn’t matter if you pre-order an eBook or a hardcover. As long as it’s LODESTAR, it counts. And you can buy your copy anywhere books are sold. Of course I recommend shopping local from your favorite indie and supporting a local business. But it’s up to you where you want to shop.

(and scroll down for one more option before you make your decision)

I also know lots of you pre-ordered your copies of LODESTAR months and months ago (which is so incredibly awesome, btw.) And if that’s the case, you can definitely still fill out this form and get your free swag pack. But if you haven’t ordered LODESTAR already, you must pre-order your copy before 11:59 pm (pacific time) on 10/31/16 AND fill out the form before then. After that I’ll close the form and there will be no more ways to enter.

And there’s no limit on how many swag packs you can get–as long as you buy the corresponding number of books. So if you pre-order five books, you can get five swag packs. Just make sure you tell me how many copies you pre-ordered so that I know how many swag packs to send you.

Also: since I’ll be on tour when this contest ends, there *will* be a delay on when your swag gets mailed to you. It won’t come with your book, since your book will be coming from wherever you ordered it from, and then I will be mailing the swag separately as soon as I’m home from tour. I PROMISE I’ll have them all in the mail before November 30th. (most likely much sooner). And I always post on my social media when they go in the mail, so you’ll know when to keep an eye out for it. Sorry for the small wait, I can’t mail stuff while I’m traveling.

(And again, if you haven’t checked to see if I’m touring in your area, see my events page HERE. I hope I’ll get to meet at least some of you!)

One final option to keep in mind, since this is the point where many of you start panicking and emailing me saying BUT WHAT IF I’M NOT ONE OF THE LUCKY 25 WINNERS?????? I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT THE SPECIAL POSTCARD AND BUTTON!!!!!!

(especially since the ONLY other places I can guarantee that you’ll get the exclusive postcard and button are my local launch party and the Changing Hands event. At the rest of the events I’ll have a few for raffle prizes and that’s it–but I will have all the swag in the primary swag pack for everyone)

Once again, I’ve teamed up with the incredible people at Changing Hands Bookstore to give you a way that you’re guaranteed to get the extra pin and postcard. If you order your copy of LODESTAR through Changing Hands before my event there at 7pm on 11/16/16 (yes, you even get a couple of extra weeks to take advantage of this awesome offer), they’ll send you all of the swag I’ve mentioned in this post (except the signed book plate, since your book will actually come hand signed by me) as well as the extra postcard and the Verdi button. Changing Hands will ship anywhere–even internationally (there IS a shipping fee. You can call them for an estimate: 480.730.0205).

And if you decide to take advantage of this, here are a few things to keep in mind (and it’s a little confusing so make sure you read it carefully):

– Changing Hands won’t ship your book until after the 11/16 (since they’ll be holding onto them until I can sign them). But it will be worth the wait because you’ll get a hand signed book and the extra goodies.

– If you decide to take advantage of this and buy your copy of LODESTAR through Changing Hands, DO NOT fill out the form below. Go to Changing Hands’ website HERE (or call them–they’re super friendly: 480.730.0205) and order LODESTAR before 7pm (mountain time) on November 16, 2016. That’s all you have to do. Changing Hands will take care of the rest

– Another advantage to this: this is the only way–aside from coming to one of my signings–to have your book personalized to you. I used to personalize all the bookplates, but that’s gotten WAY too time consuming. So if you want a personalized, signed book–AND all the fun goodies I’m giving away–Changing Hands is the only way to go. But again, you HAVE to buy your book from them.
Um……….. I *think* that covers everything–but if I missed something, feel free to ask in the comments. (note: I will only answer questions posted in the comments on my website. If you’re reading this on Goodreads or any of the other places it feeds out to, make sure you go to to ask your questions. And I’m also only going to answer questions that haven’t already been covered by this post, so please make sure you’ve read this post carefully before you ask).

And …. I guess that’s it. Though I do want to once again thank all of you for incredible support. This series keeps growing and growing and it’s all because of you. I can’t wait for you to read LODESTAR. I’m so incredibly proud of it.

Only three weeks to go–AHHHHHH!!!!!

Here’s the link to her website to enter: